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Thread: Vintage Mego: Origins of Mego Apes

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    Megomuseum News Vintage Mego: Origins of Mego Apes

    Vintage Mego this week is all about the insider scoop on how Mego secured the Planet of the Apes licensed, the hottest selling toys for Christmas 1974. Including a glimpse at the original hand made prototypes that still exist in a private collection.


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    Ah, starting the day with Apes is always good!

    The protos and early ads are such a cool, unique part of Mego's story, as film and merchandising history. Apemania hit so many of us in those particular formative years leaving indelible impressions. Like some others here, that experience came with my Dad, both at the drive-in and on our 60's green burlap sofa.

    I kinda remember back in the early MM days, someone did a couple customs trying to replicate the use of the Addar heads and patchwork outfits. Fun idea.

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    cool video. thanks for making that. I always loved the Apes line. I guess I was born at the perfect time for the Apes Mania that happened in the mid seventies

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    It's too bad a unique experience like Apes Mania can't be repeated in today's world just how it was back in the day. With so many big franchises, blockbuster movies, the Internet world and the fact few if any children are still into buying or collecting action figures, it's nowhere near what it was like once upon a time. That goes for everything, not just Apes. Who remembers talking Star Wars or GI Joe with the kids at school and everyone bragging about the figures they had at home or the new one they picked up on the weekend. It was just what we kids did, and it was awesome. I wish it could be like that once again.

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