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Thread: 6 inch RAH GI JOE figures are coming.

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    It sounds like a good G.I. Joe Line.

    G.I. Joe needs it's own live-action Television Series, similar to The Mandalorian, where classic vehicles make an appearance.

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    I just hope they do a good job on Duke this time. We never did get a perfect update of the 83 Duke in the 25th anniversary line. Now, the original 25th Duke wasn't a horrible figure. I mean, yeah, the head was too small and the articulation was a little wonky. The problem really was as the line went on sculpts and articulation got a lot better and instead of making an improved 83 Duke, like they did with several other characters, they just repainted the original flawed one to death.

    I also want a Sunbow long haired Zartan dammit!! Yes, it was a hood on the toy and the comic. I get that but it was hair in the cartoon.
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    ^Okay, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who saw Zartan's "hood" as hair.

    I like the 25th anniversary Duke well enough, but yeah, they need to knock that one out of the park. I think they will. They have done some great Chris Evans Steve Rogers heads, and that's not too far off the mark with Duke.


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