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Thread: Robby Robot Iron Giant Walmarts

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    May 15, 2009
    Trendmasters doesn't exist anymore. Tons of Robby figures have come out since then with no mention of Trendmasters. This is not a case of "rights".

    The package art, box, etc are all bootlegged from the Trendmasters figure. It literally has the EXACT same verbiage as the Trendmasters figure, except it has the part about the "remote control" removed and a Walmart logo slapped on it. It's also the exact same sculpt as the Trendmasters figure, same lights and sounds, just upscaled. This is probably why the pistol is mentioned but not included.

    This company may or may not have the rights to release this figure, I can't say, I'll assume they do. But they for all intents and purposes bootlegged the Trendmasters stuff, which is why the package is exactly the same and mentions a defunct toy company.

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    Hi. Thanks for the info. Do you by chance know if anyone sells a disintegrator pistol (or similar futuristic pistol) that would reasonably fit the size of the Walmart Robby figure?

    Barnabas Collins

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    May 2, 2002
    Got my Robby today. I really love him.

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