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Thread: The Roy Thomas Database is up!! You have to check this out!!

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    The Roy Thomas Database is up!! You have to check this out!!

    Happy New Year everybody! In celebration of a new decade, my manager and friend John Cimino and I have a special treat for comicbook fans both new and old. What you are about to see is a Herculean labor called THE OFFICIAL ROY THOMAS CHARACTERS, CONCEPTS AND CREATIONS DATABASE!

    What’s that you say? Well, over the past year, John has made it his personal mission to collect and collate everything he could of my "contributions," such as they may be, to the comicbook field... and he's done such a formidable job that there are a number of concepts and characters listed which I had totally forgotten. The result is, he and I both hope, a database which will be of considerable worth to both the researcher and the casual reader. Naturally, it's not my--or John's--contention that my work over the past half-century plus has such unique merit that it should be catalogued and celebrated above that of others. Rather, he and I hope by this thorough database to inspire others to create additional databases of their own, devoted to this artist or that writer. If that happens, the field of comicbook history will be the richer for it. My thanks to John for the immeasurable amount of hard work he poured into this database; may it lead to many more showcasing the talents of my peers! And meanwhile--dare I say it?--I hope you'll enjoy going over it, since enjoyment is, above everything else, what comics is all about.

    Roy Thomas

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    I think Grand Comics Database already offers this, and has for years, in its search engine. It's why I use it and have contributed to it. Might want to check it out.
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    Yeah, but that has sooooooo many mistakes I lost count and not just on Roy Thomas but EVERY creator, it's laughable.

    I would never use that as a definitive source, much like Wikipedia.

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