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Thread: No Time to die.

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    Craig has been a great Bond. Looking forward to the new movie.

    Looking for one CAH Mego Comic Activator (working or non working).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Werewolf View Post
    That's just internet speculation. No one knows anything and Craig may even come back for another Bond movie. The new female agent, Nomi, is not going to be James Bond. If the movie is successful and the character is well received, maybe she will get a spin off. But that is only guessing. My opinion is if Craig doesn't come back we will get a reboot just like we do every couple of movies.
    She may be 007, but she's not Bond. On one hand, it seems to limit the sequel options to Craig, James Bond jr, or a reboot. On the other, they may be thinking of refocusing around SIS which would allow her to be 007 but not the central point of the story.

    Before Casino Royale, I wondered if they toyed around with the idea that since Bond was a somewhat known name in the espionage community, it was actually a false ID adopted by a new person with the previous Bond moves on. Bourne covered similar ground, but it's still a viability and creates an opening for the actor to add a trait that won't get killed for not being cannon.

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