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Thread: Black Widow first trailer

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderbolt View Post
    He's an old school Russian reaction to Captain America, probably took years of research to come up with a viable super-soldier formula. I like that the MCU is trying to flesh out its past.
    Yeah I fully expect a young, superfit flashback version of that character to show up in something.

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    It will be interesting to see how they handle Taskmaster. I wonder if they'll retcon him into the person that trained the young Soviet agents. I love the mercenary/neutral aspect of the character in the comics, but I've never understood his look. I assume his costume is supposed to reflect all the powers he mimics, but it just looked like a thrown-together mess with a skull mask. I can't imagine they could translate that costume to film (and it looks like they're not)
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    Quote Originally Posted by monitor_ep View Post
    Again I will watch this when it gets released on DVD or Disney+. I WAS excited to see Red Guardian till we found out he is retired and fat. Why???
    Because anyone who lived through the height of the Cold War years (as would be the case for Red Guardian) is going to be older and past their prime. It's not like he was put on ice like Cap or Winter Soldier, so he would have aged and likely been fatter and out of shape, or frailer and out of shape. Since they cast a thick dude like David Harbour for the role, that was the direction they were going. Most of us here grew up through the height of Cold War years, how many our age who were athletes (the closest parallel for a super-hero like the Red Guardian) are still physically in their prime and haven't retired or "gotten fat." So it is a pretty common sense answer to your question of "why?"


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