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Thread: some of the 6mdm crap i've accumulated....

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    some of the 6mdm crap i've accumulated....

    i bought all of the stuff i have when it was cheap. literally a few bucks for a fig; so, what i used to do was buy NOS stuff in bad conditioned packages and rip them open. all of the costumes were $5-10, the maskatron figs no one seemed to want....bought 3 to show all three masks, etc. you can see the fembot on the original card in the back of one of the pics. you can see that the bionic mission vehicle has all of its attachments still in the original baggie.

    i'm really a MMM guy, but this TV show was one of my fave's in the old days.


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    Apr 23, 2014
    Nice collection! I still have some of those toys from my childhood.

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