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Thread: Doctor Who 2020

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    I've said this before but i'll repeat myself just to hear myself talk

    I've always considered Doctor Who to be similar to Columbo

    They're both zany but crazy smart

    Both are very mysterious (after a 30+ year run we've still never seen Columbo's always talked about wife) --- Does she REALLY even exist ?

    The producers didn't center the stories around Columbo … It was all about the crime story and how Columbo solved it.

    Once in a while the producers would throw in a tidbit of info about Columbo himself for his diehard fans (see Rest in Peace, Mrs Columbo) but again, the crime story was to focus.

    For the most part this formula was followed by Doctor Who too in the classic series.

    It all began to change during the David Tennant years though

    By the time Tennant left people only tuned in to see if the Doctor was in love, who's his mother ? is the Master really his jilted lover etc.

    Today, it's all that plus more to no end.

    It's not even the same show
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    I like Jodie and I think she's trying very hard with writing that's just been terrible. I agree that the character of Graham has been wonderful, but why has one companion (mostly, I like his grandson too) been given all the good writing? The BBC really needs to step up their game.

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    They are desperate for rating as well as attracting the female fans. What they lost sight of is that these will come with a Good Doctor as well as good stories. Changing history will not do this, it will turn the few fans off to the series and will in the long be the down fall of the series.
    I hate to say this, but I think its time to give the show a rest for 5 yrs or so, than let some other people take a stab at it, just as was done in the past.

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