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Thread: JSA in Black Adam(Rock)?

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    JSA in Black Adam(Rock)?

    Sorry I didn't click on the article there but on FB they mentioned Rock confirmed JSA would appear in The Black Adam movie(2021),

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    Dwayne Johnson: Without giving too much away, it’s not in the plans right now. I think the approach that we’re talking I feel really good about, and all of the filmmakers do too as well. It’s an origin story and that’s where we start it and we root it, and then we build out from there. Now, not to say Shazam isn’t on my radar. Of course Shazam is, but so is all of DC.

    Dwayne Johnson: JSA. We will introduce you to that, the world to JSA
    Well I guess DC Comics decided to bypass JLA and move to the JSA what with there appearance in Arrowverse and now DC Universe Stargirl to the DCEU Black Adam.
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