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Thread: Your Iconic Local Commercial

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    Mar 7, 2004
    Cynthiana, KY...of Earth 2!
    ^Was that Reaper wearing a Don Post Skull mask, as seen in Halloween III? Either way, very cool!


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    Aug 9, 2001
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    Here's a classic that all NYC viewing audiences will remember every season

    .................................................. .......................

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hector View Post
    That old F***** served gallantly in World War II. Mr. Worthington enlisted in the Army Air Corps. Commissioned a Second Lieutenant, he was the aerobatics champion at Goodfellow Field in San Angelo, Texas. He saw combat as a B-17 Flying Fortress pilot with the 390th Bomb Group, flying 29 missions over Germany. He was discharged after the war as a captain. Worthington was awarded the Air Medal five times, and received the Distinguished Flying Cross, which was presented to him by General Jimmy Doolittle.

    Worthington's military service was frequently revisited in the 21st century in aviation magazines, since he had trained pilots who would become some of America's first astronauts.

    Sorry mate, A) didnt know he was in the military, all respect due! B) He WAS an OLD GEEZER, NUFF SAID!!! C) You know he has sold his share of "Questionable cars" in that BIZNESS! D) I DO like the guy, just found it funny how he went about making a living!

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