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Thread: Something new cooking - Puddles Pity Party

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    made good progress on Puddles.

    recycled my custom Pennywise clown shoes. They are 3d resin prints. I dremiled out the open area where the foot goes in....but I took the Type-S foot - cut the vast majority off, trimmed, beveled, shaved with exacto-knife, and glued it into the shoe.

    Painting this head was far more challenging than expected to achieve a white look, that isn't really "white".
    It needed to have that clown-white-makeup appeal, and his design needed to look soft, as he just powdered his face to seal the makeup.

    The head is several dry brush coats of white, bone white, bone/white 50-50 mix, then a final dry brush of pure white.
    thinned out black/white mix was used for his details and built up over a couple layers.

    The head is a 3d resin print directly out of the printer. No sanding, just primed to get it ready for paints.

    The suitcase was designed by The Boy and also a resin 3d print.
    The suitcase lettering is custom cut vinyl letters.



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    packaging is also key on this project.
    I want it to be something that can survive shipping (or a plane) and it has to be something presentable on Friday night when we meet with him.

    And since he loves his animals, this was fitting...




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    Looking great! Can't wait to see it finished.

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