Hi guys, long since the last time

I'm posting this perhaps my idea will be of help should you want to have a small showcase for your figures, or other collections. This time I am using my project for a collection of old diecast cars.

Thing is earlier on this year I got an old medicine cabinet for less than 3 bucks at the fleamarket. You guys can say I kinda saw the potential in it, haha. Anyway, I brought it home and I started taking it apart. I framed the nice mirror with a nice wooden frame I found in the trash and painted with shiny white enamel. Looks fantastic now in our bathroom. And for the case I had the idea of using it with some glass (that I also found & cut to size) to showcase some of my larger vintage figures. Unfortunately the SMDM Bigfoot did not fit in it so I decided to use it with my collection of mid 80's monster trucks & dragsters tractor pullers (the 1985 Matchbox "Superchargers" line). A couple of good friends in the States helped me find some of these throughout the years. Now the wife helped me find a set of thin wooden bars (the thing that architects use), and so I finally got the inside shelves in place. I now have to sand it and then repaint it all in fresh white. I am liking it a lot as dust is something I sure don't like over my stuff!

Also, the chrome corner covers for my guitar/bass custom pedalboard finally arrived from China. That's another ongoing project of mine. I now have to dismantle it, rework a little the wooden sides, and then spread some nice wood varnish over them. Oh, I'm smiling.

Here's some pictures:

Testing some Superchargers inside...

Trying to get the shelves in the correct distance one from another. (the Gravedigger you can see there is not vintage, but actually a Burger King thing that I worked on a bit to make it look better)

My "magic carpet" is almost done. I'm excited, and I enjoying building this pedalboard a lot

Y'all have a good Thursday!