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Thread: Mezco Commander Rogers Need Assistance with parts.

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    Doctor Who Mezco Commander Rogers Need Assistance with parts.

    I was gifted with an incomplete Commander Rogers, He is missing Both hands, Shield and base. I am not to interested in the base.
    But would like to know if anyone here has hands for him and a shield.
    Perhaps, any other Mezco hands will work?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you All.

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    For a few years now, the Commander Rogers figure has been my go-to for customs. The body on this figure is muscular, but I think it makes sewing clothes an altering existing clothes somewhat easier since it's the same body as the 1/12 comic Punisher and Deathstroke figures. Most other Mezco hands will work, because the wrist pegs are universal. Does your Commander Rogers have just the wrist pegs but is missing the hands? I don't know of a place to get replacement wrist pegs and if anyone does, I'd love to know a good source. Since it's 1/12, you could take a shield from a number of the Marvel Legends Captain America figures and use that one. I think the shield which came with Commander Rogers is translucent. Also, there are some nice looking shields you could take from some of the Diamond Select Captain America figures as well.

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