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Thread: Restoring a 12 inch Mego Wonder Woman

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    Restoring a 12 inch Mego Wonder Woman

    I'm new to Mego action figures and recently purchased a 1976 Wonder Woman (the one with the painted on bodice) as a present for a friend. She's got melted plastic around her arms and hips. I've read that I can cut it off and use talcum powder to clean the plastic. Unfortunately, her bikini bottom is stuck because of the melted plastic. I read in one forum that you can use acetone to remove the plastic from clothes. Will that also work if the clothing is stuck to the body? I'd appreciate any advice anyone may have. Her hair no longer has the flip so I'd like to fix that too. Her right leg seems loose and her left ankle has a grayish spot. Her left shoulder/arm connection is not level but it works fine. I wish I could get my pictures uploaded. I'm a novice with restoration and Mego in general so I don't want to make things worse but I would like to fix up this doll as much as possible.

    Thank you all for any advice you can give!

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    Apr 23, 2014
    I have a Mego Cher doll which has the same body as WW, and she had stuck on clothing to her hip and buttocks area where the legs are joined. I used a hair dryer and blew heat on the melt mark area, and it made the plastic soft and gooey enough so that I could gently pry her clothing away from the area without damaging the clothes. I didn't use acetone on the clothes to remove plastic, so I can't comment on that.

    I also have restored my Wonder Woman's doll hair, too. I previously posted about my method in this thread:

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