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Thread: AJ lot

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    AJ lot

    I placed a bid because I was going to use the soldier ape boots. Not sure which item here made the bidding go gang busters.

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    I'm not sure that the price is too odd, having a black AJ in the mix. It'll probably go way higher before it ends. I actually threw a bid on it...

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    yeah - I would say the AA AJ will push it up some more before the auction ends.

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    Very good price for an AA AJ I'm surprised it did not go higher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronxboykev View Post
    Very good price for an AA AJ I'm surprised it did not go higher
    ^^^What Kev said. You basically need an elastic belt and white boots and you have a complete AA AJ....That's about $75 right there.
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    I was the second highest bidder. The third highest bidder only bid twenty dollars. So, it could have sold for a lot less. I guess I should have kept bidding...

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