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Thread: Check this out! TYPE S @ FTC!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrimsonGhost View Post
    I used to have one handy, but it’s now is storage on the opposite coast. But you have a good point, I would be more likely to use a dremel for more things later.
    Yeah I was thinking that you'd have one handy. Either a small grinding bit or drill bit should work.
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    Does anyone know where to get a good neck plug/adapter for a 12-inch body? I have seen some on eBay, but they appear as though they will only work if the had you are using has an actual neck (not one that can attach to the body, but an actual neck attached to the head as part of the sculpt). The head I am interested in using is just that, a head. There is no neck and even if I do find a 12-inch neck plug/adapter, I'm afraid it will attach the head to the body but also make it look like the figure has no neck.

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