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Thread: Halloween commercials from way back

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    Halloween commercials from way back

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    Ben Cooper gets a lot of love in this spot-

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    For some reason, this Halloween has been extra nostalgic for me. I find myself looking for vintage halloween items from my youth.

    Looking at these commercials, it is clear that while we were still spoiled for choice, Halloween still felt a whole lot simpler back then. Maybe it was the simple color schemes, or the simplicity of getting everything you needed out of one box, but it never felt like an expensive or extravagant affair back in those days. Nobody wore extremely detailed screen accurate costumes. It was colorful, safe, and fun.

    Sure, we had all those warnings to stay out of certain parts of town, and the fear of razor apples and poison candy, but none of those things ever really happened. But with some grease paint and a 39 tube of "Real Vampire Blood" we were set to collect a sackful of sugar, and have a fun night with friends.
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    The Woolworth commercial showing off those Ben Cooper costumes is priceless...... Good old days !!!

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