Years ago... someone one here used to make/sell/giveaway accurate, scaled gold Departmental Chest Emblems for Trek customs.

Ivaniski sent me a page of a few with something he sent me but he can't recall where he got them.

I don't understand why Mego is silkscreening inaccurate/blank/silver Departmental Logos on the left chest when they are putting a very accurate one on the green -tribble-shirt Kirk but maybe that is the most recent innovation?

So does anyone have/sell/know how to print the Trek Emblem on Gold foil labels because I have labels and a laserprinter and if I had a template to print I'd try that. I could print a million if that worked and I knew how.

Command, Engineering/Support and Science please. If I make a Chapel, she'll be in Science, not with the Red Cross. I need to find out what emblems she wore on screen. I only recently discovered that the Red Cross was used on screen. :O