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Thread: Super Friends Darkseid joins the Legion of Doom!

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    Megomuseum News Super Friends Darkseid joins the Legion of Doom!

    The menacing monarch of the planet Apokolips is making his way to Figures Toy Company! This #MMFTCNEWS headline could spell certain doom for the Super Friends, because it’s our first chance to feast our eyes on Darkseid! Just as Darkseid’s first appearance outside of the pages of DC Comics was in the Super Friends cartoon,…


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    This is fantastic news! I hope FTC some day makes figures of Mantis, Steppenwolf, Orion, Golden Pharaoh, 80s style Brainiac, Cyclotron, Mr. Miracle and Tyr so I can completely recreate the Super Powers Collection in 8" scale... but then, of course, I would need them to also create a Hall of Justice, the various vehicles and the crown jewel of any collection, an 8" scale Justice Jogger.

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