2019 Power Con exclusive Starburst She-Ra. Nice to see Mattel still supporting classic She-Ra even if it's just with a convention exclusive.


A modern take on the 1986 Starburst She-Ra from the original Princess of Power line. Same body as the 2016 comic con She-Ra. Very nicely articulated with double hinged elbows and knees. Comes with a sword, shield, stand and six interchangeable hands. A very pretty and high quality doll with real fabric boots instead of the usual plastic. Mattel always outdoes themselves on these exclusives.

The collar is actually supposed to go up around her head like the original figure. I didn't really care for it that way with this version. The collar looked too much like a pink glittery cobra hood up and it also gets in the way of the hair. With the collar up you are meant to tuck the very long hair inside of the collar and down the inside of the cape. It just kinda bugged me to have the hair hidden inside the cape. Anyhoo...I nearly forgot to mention, there's also little loops on each side of the cape to slip her hands in so you can kind of recreate the original starburst pose.