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Thread: R.I.P. Ginger Baker

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    Jul 19, 2016

    R.I.P. Ginger Baker

    Legendary drummer and co-founder of Cream, Ginger Baker has died. He was 80.


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    Aug 8, 2012
    Legend indeed… been a fan of his African explorations, work with Public Image Ltd. and the Ginger Baker Trio for a long time. Quite a restless soul who left a forever-interesting life's work.

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    Saw this a few years back. Language is in the don't play it in front of the young ones

    "When not too many people can see we're all the same
    And because of all their tears,
    Their eyes can't hope to see
    The beauty that surrounds them
    Isn't it a pity".

    - "Isn't It A Pity"
    By George Harrison

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    sad news. RIP!

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    When I was young I fell for the BEATLES hard! I got every record and read every book.

    WHen I heard this song off the WHITE album called: "While my guitar gently weeps", I said to myself, "what the hell was that?" I had never heard a guitar sound like that and it changed my life.

    In those many books that I read, I always came up to chapters on a guy named: ERIC CLAPTON and his band: CREAM. It said that they were good and I didnt realize just how GOOD, they were.

    I cant remember when I first heard Cream, but I do remember seeing all their album covers before I heard a note.


    Talk about Psychedelia!

    needless to say, I was Baptized and I would never be that same again. Cream has been my biggest influence in music and I have been a fan of Eric, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker for almost all my life.

    I collected every album, solo, their other bands, any Bootleg I could get.

    I had never met Clapton and I doubt if I ever will now.

    Almost met Jack twice, but failed.

    but in September of 1990 at ROSELLE MUSIC In Roselle, IL, Ginger Baker was giving a drum clinic for Ludwig drums, which he had endorsed almost his whole career, up until the last 15 years.

    I was jacked, I brought all my Cream lps, Baker-Gurvitz Army lps, Bakerandband lp, ENERGY lp, his solos records, the PIL record. It was a site to see, so a bunch of us
    are in the music room/basement waiting and lo and behold he comes out, with the cig in his mouth!

    Gets behind the kit and starts off! the first of three long drum solos, he was brilliant.
    between solos, he tells stories and takes questions from the crowd.

    two that I remember asking were
    "Are you still with the MASTER OF REALITY?" at the time he said yes, and they crowd were puzzled as they had no idea who they were.

    the second was the one were EVERYONE went silent!!!!!!

    "What was it like Playing with HENDRIX?"

    well you could have heard a pin drop as no one said a word and everyone looked at Ginger.

    "Jimi...I only PLAYED with THREE times in my career..." the rest I forget, I cant remember. But he had everyone in his hands and he was also making us LAFF so hard with his stories.

    after the clinic he was signing autographs and I being either bold or STOOPID, went and sat next to him at his table, while everyone else was in line waiting!!

    As I sat there he was chatting with everyone in line and being the rock god he IS! when one punter is ready for an autograph and Ginger is asking his name, "JIM" he says.

    Ginger signs and goes..."JIM THE LIM" I start laughing! "He was our limo driver! It's true, I tell you" as he looks at me with a Chuffed look on his face.

    I am in heaven.

    I am reminded of a Beatles doc where they met Little Richard and they are all pictured HOLDING ON TO HIS ARMS, like they cant believe they are meeting their hero.

    and he said in the documentary; "I was a little apprehensive meeting them as I did not know who they were, but even though they had grasped me, I didn't mind it and started to feel comfortable with it as they would not let go of me"

    I did the same thing to Ginger after some time and even though he had every right to yank his arm away and or smack me in the head, he didnt and kept signing autographs until finally everyone was gone and I was the only one there.

    And before I forget, in the audience was one BUN E. CARLOS and he was too a fan!

    So then Ginger started the MONUMENTAL task of signing all my albums! I would ask a quick question about each one.

    When I he got to AIRFORCE TWO, I told him."Ging, ya know, I DONT like this album" everyone was shocked that I said that to his face.

    He looked at me and said, "You know, Neither do I" he then told me that one of the girls (Diane Stewart or Catherine James) he was in LOVE WITH and wanted to be with her so bad!


    Did I say I was in Heaven?

    eventually it all had to end and I was left with the memory of a lifetime.

    I met Ginger again in 1993 and it was brief as he was with wife # 4 (Karen Loucks).

    I had seen Him play with his Jazz Confusion twice in one night at CITY WINERY and then a year later (his last us tour) at THALIA HALL.
    Brilliant as always.

    Ginger's son KOFI, lives in Hobart, IND. and I have been to many of his "Kofi Baker's Cream Experience"
    gigs, I introduced myself as a friend of SHAWN LANE's who he played with in 1995, but we never seem to have connected the way I wanted to.

    not only was he responsible for Heavy Metal but he was doing WORLDBEAT before Paul Simon ever did in the 80's!

    And yes, Cream even had a hand in pioneering Jazz-Fusion.

    It was that AFRICAN Drummer and that JAZZ bassist and that BLUES guitarist that made it all happen. All those years ago.

    Godbless Ginger Baker and Family. May he rest in peace.

    below are some wonderful tributes to Ginger, only a few of many!

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