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Thread: it's October - new horror Mego for sale!

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    Mar 26, 2008

    it's October - new horror Mego for sale!

    Hiya folks. I have a bunch of case fresh monster figures for sale just in time for the horror holidays.
    prices are w/o shipping. 1 or 2 figures is $9 additional for shipping; 3 to 4 figures is $13 additional for shipping. If you want more than that, we will figure it out.

    $13 each on:
    Frankenstein V3 - stitched up, shirtless Frankie sold
    Freddie Krueger V2 - with the brown glove x2
    Pennywise the clown x6
    the Mummy sold
    the Phantom of the Opera sold
    the Headless Horseman sold

    $14 each on:
    Wolfman V1 - red shirt x2
    Wolfman V2 - blue shirt x1
    Dracula V2 - red lined cape sold
    Dracula V3 - glow Drac x2
    Nosferatu V2 - Glowsferatu sold

    might also consider trades on Presidential Monsters if the exchange rate works for everyone.

    happy haunting for the holidays - rche
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    Mar 26, 2008
    Also have a couple of carded Primal Age Jokers and one headless Joker off the card. (I'm going to try to make a Creeper from that head)
    $5 plus shipping for a carded figure - (note: cards are not perfect; they have some dings on the lower corners)
    $2.50 plus shipping for the headless body. I was hoping to use the arms and/or hands, but found that the details on the bodies are all sculpted on; belts, scars, gauntlets - and the hands are fixed. So - maybe you have more customizing energy than me and can see some use for them???


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    Mar 26, 2008
    Just bumping this up to see if anyone wants some clowns or monsters before Halloween.

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    Mar 26, 2008
    Might be able to squeeze some through the us mail for last minute Halloween orders.
    Have a bunch of killer clowns and some Freddie plus some of the earlier wolfman figures. Also still have the Primal Age Joker figures. Heads from the primal age seem to fit fairly well with Mego scale, tho they need a little boost in the neck.

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