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Thread: Murder by Death (1976)

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    It holds up great for us that saw it either first run at the picture show or when it debuted on cable. But I think most kids and older kids (read: millennials) wouldn't quite understand the "inside humor" of the characters.
    I'm pretty sure we were all familiar with the character pastiches and who they represented; Charlie Chan, Nick and Nora, Sam Spade, Poirot...with the exception of maybe Poirot, I don't think this generation would recognize any of the parody.

    That said... even not knowing. It's still a fun picture with a great mystery story and a lot of laughs.

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    For anyone who has never seen it or knows anything about it, this would be a great, funny whodunit movie...I love these where you have a whole cast of suspects and a surprise ending..

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