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Thread: Where to buy Mego clothing/accessories?

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    Where to buy Mego clothing/accessories?

    Hi everyone,
    As I have said in other posts, I am still fairly new to Mego collecting and especially new to customizing.

    I am aware of CTVT, Dr. Mego and Laser Mego, but are there any other sites where I can find items (particular clothing) for 8" Mego and Remego figures?

    Of course eBay is an option, but that's primarily if I want to buy costumes belonging to existing figures. I'm more so interested in a variety of clothing options like you find at CTVT which I can pick and choose from to create my own customs.

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    there was the 8" superstore but it has been down for months. not sure what happened there but I heard they are rebooting something on Facebook or some such

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