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    Question re: Mego heads

    Hi, just a question regarding Mego heads (and I apologize if this is posted elsewhere, but I am still somewhat new when it comes to customizing).

    So far, the customs I have made have included hard heads like the type crafted by My Face on a Figure. With these, I have found the best way to put the head onto the body is to widen the neck hole on the body with a drill or knife just enough to force the head into place.

    However, I have ordered some actual Mego heads for future customs and am wondering what the easiest and best way of putting them onto the bodies would be. Is it best to submerge the neck peg into boiled water to soften it up and then push it into the hole? Or, is there a better way of getting results?


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    Softened in hot water is the best for Mego heads.

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    Thanks... does the water have to be boiling or will hot water from the tap be sufficient to soften the head?

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    I always boil the water.

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