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Thread: Mint Off Card: Mego Black Manta

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    Megomuseum News Mint Off Card: Mego Black Manta

    This week we look at the elusive Mego 14″ DC Comics Black Manta action figure from Wave 6! You can order this wave of figures at Entertainment Earth: See all of Mego Wave 6 at: Follow us on Twitter: @Megomuseum Join our Facebook Group: Related Images: [See image gallery at]


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    A favorite character for me, too and I enjoyed this closer look. Thanks for mentioning the hands--hadn't noticed the change.

    I'm glad you obtained one, Pailitoy--I think I bought the last one at MegoMeet.
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    I will be checking out Targets in hope I can snag a Black Manta. I just do not want to pay the prices the internet stores want.
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    Glad to hear they're coming to stores. I can't explain why, but I get more enjoyment out of picking them up at brick n' mortars way more than purchasing them online. Its probably has something to do with why I just regaled my neighbor's kids with the glories of waiting 4-6 weeks for delivery.
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