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Thread: Mego figures in Canada?

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    Mego figures in Canada?

    Does anyone know of any major stores in Canada that sell Mego figures? The only store I have come across them in is Toys R Us, but that was a while ago (the horror figures Freddy, Dracula, etc.) and the last time I checked they hadn't restocked their supply nor did they have any new lines available. I'm not against purchasing figures online when need be, but there's something special about walking into a store and finding new figures on the pegs. Is there any other stores that stock these figures up here or does anyone know if there are future plans to bring them to Canada? Every store I walk into has Funko Pop figures everywhere you turn, but I would love to see the same be the case for Mego figures.

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    Sunrise records and EBX stores have also carried Mego. I don't know anyone's future plans on the subject.

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    The previous wave of figures is in the Bay online. And EB Games has them too. Haven’t seen either restocking yet.

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    Thanks. I recently checked my local EB Games (it's located about an hour-and-a-half from where I live) and they didn't have any. Hopefully they get some, though, and keep getting them because I believe more people need to discover Mego figures and by having them available in more retail outlets is a great way to make this happen. It's just too bad the retail toy market isn't what it was in the 70s and 80s. That was the golden age.

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    Ive spotted mego at EB Games, Toys R Us and Sunrise Records but only horror and Trek, nothing else.

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    I will keep my eyes open for them. I just wish Mego would take over the toy shelves like the Funko Pop figures have. Funko Pops are crap in comparison to a good action figure, so imagine if Mego was one day able to have all the same (and more) licenses as Funko and you could find countless Mego figures in just about any store you walk into. It would be amazing.

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