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Thread: Dr. Mego contact info?

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    Dr. Mego contact info?

    Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Dr. Mego? Yesterday I attempted to place an order through the Dr. Mego website linked to the Meg Museum site. When I attempted to pay for my order I received some sort of PayPal message stating it could not go through for one reason or another. Later, however, I saw the payment had come out of my account. I attempted to email Dr. Mego through the site and via the email provided to see if the order indeed went through or not, but have not received a response as of yet. Can anyone help put me in touch with whoever is best suited to look into this matter?


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    2,921 but he’s a busy man and you have to give him time to respond.
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    Thanks, Crimson Ghost. I'm not too versed in technology so I am hoping the order went through properly. Dr. Mego has some good items on his site I am in need of, so I am hoping he received the order OK.

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    you can also message him on facebook and I believe there is also a phone number listed on his website. takes 2-3 weeks for order processing

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    Thank you. This was my first time ordering from him and it just let me place an order without having to create an account or anything like some other sites require, so I don't think there is an option of even tracking the order or anything like that. I'm sure it will be OK as the transaction on my account shows the payment went to Dr. Mego. I just wasn't sure because as soon as I clicked the button to send the payment, a weird message popped up on the screen stating something like "the payment could not be completed at this time, blah, blah, blah." It was very confusing.

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    I placed an order a few weeks ago and it arrived safe and sound today.

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