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Thread: Filmation's Shazam! Blu Ray Release Oct 8th!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treadwell View Post
    This is one of those things that I'm not interested in enough to own, but LOVE the fact that this was done!

    I'm very pleasantly surprised that the original elements still exist. I've heard horror stories of when Hallmark owned the Filmation material, they had all the old film transferred to video tape (PAL format) and destroyed the film (which is why several other Filmation DVD releases don't look too hot). I guess because this was a licensed property, the license owner retained ownership of the materials (like Paramount with animated Star Trek). Good thing!

    a side story here. At the last comic con I went to ( 2016), Sid Krofft told me, when I asked, "How come there isn't a LOST SAUCER complete set dvd?" He said embarrassingly, that the most of the tapes for the Lost Saucer were lost and only a handful of episodes were available.

    Damn, as campy as the show was, I liked it.

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    the moral end segments were only thought to exist from vhs recordings so to have pristine film copies of these elements is outstanding.
    Holy Moley you are so right. When I saw in the AMAZING YouTube video that the moral segments were not just found but in the shape they are mouth dropped to the floor. Well, I guess I need to buy a Blu-Ray DVD player.

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