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Thread: 14" vs. 10" body

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    14" vs. 10" body

    Just a ‘what if’ sort of thought.

    I realize that Mego Corp has invested quite a bit of time and money into the new 14” format, and that those items are garnering pretty good reviews and seem to be holding their own on the store shelves. They are awesome figures, especially for the price point, and they deserve the praises they have gotten.

    But…. as an old school collector, I can’t help but wonder what a 10” line of DC heroes would have been like. I’ve always thought the Flash Gordon line was one of the highlights of Mego’s offerings. The sculpts, costumes, and oodles of accessories were fantastic and the smidge of extra height was just enough to offer a bit more detail to the portrait of the figure and the textiles. At 10”, you even still had some room for a playset which would be ginormous if anything like that was made for the 14” format.

    Added bonus if Mego Corp would have been able to pick up the old Flash Gordon, or even the Doctor who license, and reissue/continue with the lines they started many years ago.

    I enjoy seeing the 14 inchers on the shelves and checking out what the customizing community is doing with them, but I am not planning on joining them. Probably a good thing for me, my wallet, and my shelves. If there were 10” figures from the new Mego Corp, I would probably be buying them by the bucket load.

    Any one else think a 10” line would have been fun to see?
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    I love this format, I wish Mego had have gone further than they did with it. I guess the 12" heroes would have made the 10" figures redundant but I wish more licenses came out in this style.

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    The Flash Gordon figures were jaw dropping in both style and size. The tad bigger size made the bodies and accessories more ergonomic than the 8 inch scale. The original 12” and new 14” figures are bonkers fun to look at, but realistically difficult to store and collect because of their enormity. I’ve been secretly hoping that Mego will resurrect the FG line, or simply adapt the scale again.

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