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Thread: LOTR Heads WIP

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    LOTR Heads WIP

    Hey everyone!
    Here's a little update on the progress of the rest of the Fellowship (save for one extra--Old Bilbo). Currently, I have the new heads for Samwise, Pippin, and Gandalf all painted (with Gandalf still waiting his doll wig and beard). Aragorn is currently awaiting his final paint, though a primer has been applied. The rest of the heads are still essentially fresh off of the printer (with some minor sanding for smoothness).
    For those who might be aware, I'm trying to focus my visuals on the characters' descriptions from the books, rather than the Peter Jackson films, and I've been using my friends and relatives as facial references for my heads for ease of design and modeling--as well as an extra personal touch. Feel free to leave any feedback!

    EDIT: I did not realized until after I took these pictures that I did not have Gimli listed. He is currently not yet printed, as I am still in the process of testing different sized heads for the CTVT teen body, which I will be using for my dwarves.

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    Those are great!

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