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Thread: What I'd like to see in the future Star Trek line...

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    Star Trek What I'd like to see in the future Star Trek line...

    When the new bodies finally get released, I'd like to see the Star Trek figures get new removable boots! I really don't like the "boot feet" they have. I think that it makes it looks like they have super tiny feet. But, I don't want just generic boots. They should be Star Fleet style boots!
    What do you think? Wouldn't that be really awesome?

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    I think it would be awesome if they make them right. I've seen the Big Bang theory Star trek figures with removable boots and they look awful in my opinion

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    I prefer they keep the boot feet. it's in keeping with what we grew up with and loved

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    I like the traditional boot-feet, too.
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    I prefer the original boot feet as well
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    Actually I prefer the classic boots as part of the figures.with that said it would be cool to see a variation with removible boots .not like the bif bang figures but nicer detail boots.i like the idea lonnie

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    I have a DST/EMCE Kirk that I put on a ZICA body with Castaway’s vinyl boots. Those looked really nice on the ZICA body. When new Mego’s came out I put Kirk on one of the Type:S bodies and the same boots look good on that figure as well. If Star Trek bootlegs are a thing with the new bandless bodies, I hope that ankle articulation will be added and that they will use new technology so that the top portion of the leg can be molded in the flesh tone of the figure.

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    I prefer the upgrade. For those that prefer the vintage, there are plenty of bodies already available, and more if you count people like me who would be willing to upgrade and sell my Target Trek bodies. Win Win!

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