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Thread: Toy-Ventures: Corgi Spider-Man Buggy

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    Plaid Stallions Toy-Ventures: Corgi Spider-Man Buggy

    Thought I'd spend some time this week discussing the one Corgi vehicle I allowed to creep into my collection. Along the way, we discuss the history of Corgi toys and some of the amazing items they've produced over the last 60+ years.

    Hosted and edited by Brian Heiler (@plaidstallions)

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    I have a vintage Corgi catalog. Might even be the one you featured in this vid.
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    Interesting, as always. I suppose I covet the Corgi large Penguinmobile as much as you did the Spider-Man Buggy.
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    You did a good job of mentioning the Corgi Mainstays. Bond's Aston Martin and the Batmobile were made for close to 15 years continuously.

    Carded Corgi Juniors are a side collecting hobby for me. There are some cool items out there depending on your enthusiasm of the licensed properties.

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    Great video, and the first time I've ever seen this close up. Man, there's a lot of fun in that design! Love the Goblin figure in the spider web "baggie".

    Oddly enough, while I had a ton of Corgi Jrs, I never owned the large Corgi Batmobile as a kid. I guess I missed the "standard issue" line. Years later, in the mid 80s, an obscure relative gave me a one-off Christmas present, and it was the large Corgi Batcylce. I bet it was clearanced somewhere. I still have it!


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    Yeah, the webbed baggie is endearingly creative. As a kid, I'm sure I would have preferred a net, but as an adult there's something about a marker-ed baggie.

    I absolutely dip into other lines just to grab one or two items that resonate with me. I have the Corgi Batmobile and Batcopter sitting among my an entire section in my toy collection devoted to random things I've picked up that resonate with me for one reason or another (although my Mead collection is pretty extensive).

    Funny, while I remember having the Batmobile, I have no memory of how I got it. Perhaps they were government issued. Don't feel bad, Chris. The cheese they gave out was never that good.
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    I’m really interested in the Corgi Batman items. I had one or two of the Batmobile. It was all kinds of fun. I remember that K-Mart always carried them.

    - Ian
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