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Thread: Wave 7 shipping

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    Just got my notice from BBTS too.

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    Feb 14, 2012
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    I pre ordered TWOK, Phantom & Mummy from Zolo's toy room, I think because all the 'usual' places were only selling monsters by the set. They don't have the best pricing, but I didn't have to buy figures I really didn't want either. Plus I wanted to order from just one place to minimize shipping to Canada.

    But at any rate, and more on topic, I got my shipping notice today.

    I fully expect any day now a Canadian vendor will be selling these, with free shipping...
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    Funny, I got my BBTS notice only on TWOK but not my other Megos. TWOK is my most anticipated so thats better for me than the other way around, but still odd.

    I really hope this wave ends up at Target, I want to pick up multiple extra Kirk and Spocks.

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    I got a bunch of the new figures, but not the Trek stuff.

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    Just got an email from BBTS that my Wrath of Khan preorder is being processed and will ship. Can't wait to get these figures!

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    Mine too

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    I got my TWOK figures yesterday. They are outstanding,I'm very happy with them.

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    Feb 6, 2010
    I also got my wave 7 megos.their awesome figures I like the wrath of Khans figures.some of Megos best work here.i bought two sets so far .the monsters are really cool.rocky is good.also got kiss Catman kiss spaceman Lord of the rings.this was a solid gold wave.pennywise is just to cool.i like clowns.i am ready for the "14 " horrors and I'll get more copies of this wave.then I am ready for wave #8 .I saw that fly figure what a great figure.very pleased.good job Mego.. a winner all. Round

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