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Thread: Loose knee joint

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    Loose knee joint

    Today I received a figure from FTC (one of their figures sealed in a factory bag). When I opened it up, I instantly realized the lower half of one of the legs was detached. I assumed the knee pin was broken, so I removed the boots and outfit only to discover the pin was there and not broken. However, I could not put it back together as it was not a tight fit whatsoever. I do have a few extra knee pins I bought as a just in case, so I removed the pin and replaced it with a different one. It worked (even used pliers to ensure it was fully together), but the knee joint is super loose now. It's annoying as heck, especially when trying to stand the figure up. Does anyone have any solutions as to how I can tighten up this joint without having to replace the entire body? Thanks.

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    I'd use super glue gel. Put some in the joint and work it until the glue has dried. Do it again until it builds up and makes it a stiff joint. You have to keep the knee moving until the glue has dried, or it will be locked in place.

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    Thanks, Lonnie. I will give it a try. Would Krazy glue work? Or, do you suggest a specific brand? Also, does the same trick work for ankle joints, etc?
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    I use Super Glue Gel, specifically.

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    Ok thanks again. Will it also work on ankle joints, etc? And, on the knees, so you just put it in through the sides where the pins are or right where the knee itself bends?

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    In the joint between the leg halves to fill the gap that makes it loose. Should work for ankles, too.

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