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Thread: Diamond Select Collectors Editions Marvel 8" Figures

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    Diamond Select Collectors Editions Marvel 8" Figures

    I'm on the fence about collecting these, how is the quality to which they are made? Any pros or cons you can tell me or warn me about? Thanks!

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    If you like Marvel, and like Mego, it seems like you should have had them already...

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    I dont like the body they come with. It has an off feel and color. The elbow joints click weirdly. The neck posts are absurdly small on some. Some of the sculpts are good and some are terrible. The stars on the captain america suits are just pleathery patches stitched on at the top point and dangling. Peter Parkers accessories are awful. All that being said they were a seriously fun attempt to do some classic marvel characters in the classic mego style. Rt down to a repro mego style box. The fact that the value on these is climbing speaks to their collectability as well as the fact that these are being opened. And the extra parts being sold. If u like marvel megos yes get these now before they get more expensive.

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    I have the complete set and the exclusive Cap set and I have enjoyed them. I wasn't that happy with the civilian ID but and discovers other uses for them so everthing worked out. Most of the modern era figures I used new bodies and sold most of them on Ebay. I wanted the classic Mego look.
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