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Thread: Trouble standing up

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    Trouble standing up

    I recently acquired a World's Greatest Presidents Donald J. Trump figure from Figures Toy Company. However, has great difficulty standing up on my shelf and I often return to find him on the ground and having taken a few other Mego figures who were standing nearby with him. His shoes are made of a very rubbery material. Could this be the reason why he has such difficulty standing? Otherwise his joints all appear fine and I can't understand what else could be causing this. Are there any alternative shoes available that would still look correct, but also allow the figure to stand properly?

    Thank you.

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    Your other figures must have Trump Derangement Syndrome! He and his supporters get thrown off the shelf.
    Maybe he needs some socks to strengthen his ankles.

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    Some socks would help.but it's those squishy shoes that are alward.i have a set of the president's to date.and a loose. President trump.i gave him Mego shoes.which is quite good .and he stands well.

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    I can get my President Obama to stand, but itís dicey. Socks and less rubbery dress shoes definitely help. I have been replacing those shoes on the shelf divers.

    CTVT has some good replacement options.

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