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Thread: Honest Trailers Masters of the Universe (1987)

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    Honest Trailers Masters of the Universe (1987)

    Okay, this is pretty spot on.

    Huge MOTU/POP fan as kid and still am. I saw this at the theater and I was like "What the hell?" Where's Orko and Battlecat and why is the whole movie taking place on Earth!? Don't get me wrong I do have a lot of affection for the movie and it has grown on me. But I still have to admit it would be close to unwatchable without Frank Langella's Skeletor. He really does make the movie and to be totally fair, Meg Foster as Evil-Lyn is also pretty good. I know Dolph gets a bit of criticism for his acting in this but I honestly can't think of any other actor at the time that could really have done the character. He certainly looks the part.

    I also do find a bit of dark humor in that any new MOTU movie or reboot will more than likely even be less close to source material than this one was.
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    I actually enjoyed the movie, and owned it on VHS.
    Then again, I was outside the age group for MOTU. I watched the cartoons occasionally, because there wasn't much else to watch at the time. But I was 20 when this movie came out and I thought it was a pretty good hoot.

    Then again, I also really like the original Punisher with Dolph as well.

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