Probably not NEWS to some or many here. I went up to my local shopping center to get a haircut and decided after to visit Target for one last try to get any Mego's I had on my list. The few Mego's left on the shelves were moved to the Clearance rack. I'm talking wave one stuff. Charlies Angel's, Farrah,a few box sets, 14" Jokers and a Zod. The box sets were OZ, Bewitches and Jeannie and they were dropped to $10. The rest was still regular price, even though it had been moved to the Clearance aisle ;O
If you ask me, The local Targets didn't give Mego's a fair chance. I went a dozen times and kept seeing the same wave 1 stuff and little of the others. A local POP Culture store got the few rarer Mego's (Star Trek, Monsters and the like). When I checked out this local store, They had little to offer and at twice+ the price (Too much for my Budget!!!)
My plan now is to start saving and hope I can get my Mego's thru the online route.
I would say its sad to not be able to go to a store and buy Mego's but it has been a LONG dry spell for several Months since I was able to buy any of the Mego's I've been looking for. If it puts thing in perspective the last Mego I scored was ONE Screaming Wolf-man.