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Thread: Custom Head Question

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    Custom Head Question

    Recently I purchased a custom 8" figure head on eBay. I plan on purchasing a Mego or CTVT style body to attach it to, but am currently in the process of moving so all my stuff is packed away and I don't want to actually try until I am settled in at my new place.

    However, the head did arrive yesterday and is a hand-sculpted item made of a harder material. It has a neck with neck plug sculpted onto it, but just by eyeballing it, I'm not sure how well it will attach to a Mego body without being loose or just not attaching the way I would like.

    Do you guys have any suggestions?


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    You can use a dremel or x-acto knife to enlarge the hole if needed. Conversely, you could use a dremel or sandpaper to make the neck peg smaller.

    If you need to enlarge the neck peg to make it snugger, try adding a vinyl ponytail holed to it or thin strip of masking tape.

    The neck hole can be warmed with very hot mater a hair dryer (be careful) to make head insertion easier.
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    Yes the ever present art of marrying a resin head and an a plastic body. Plumber's tape...silicon rubber bands...vaseline and hot glue...hooks and many ways to do it we should write a customizing book just on that lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNGwynne View Post
    You can use a dremel or x-acto knife to enlarge the hole if needed.
    Or if you and sharp objects should never be in the same room together (like me), stick the end of a pair of scissors into the neck hole, open them, and gently scrape the sides going around in a circle until you shave enough off.

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