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Thread: CW Crisis on Infinite Earths (SPOILERS)

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    CW's Last Season was gonna be the Last Season for Me (with the exception of Legends), including Black Lightning &'s just WAY TOO MUCH...they ALL feel like they're grasping at straws to warrant their existence...BUT...I'm willing to give Crisis a chance, though it's really starting to feel like a gimmick of 'Fanboy' Moments in lieu of cohesive content...but we'll see I guess.
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    It feels a lot like "Even Comics" to boost sales, so i don't honestly mind it plus i don't have to buy anything.

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    Sorry to say this but the Crisis started. On Arrow this week Green Arrow goes to Earth 3 while Flash goes to Earth 2 so yeah its starting early just like the comic books.
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    The Spectre will appear also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by powersthatbe View Post
    The Spectre will appear also.
    Oh ****e----they're bring in the big dogs, now. How about a Madame Xanadu and Phantom Stranger cameo, too?
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