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Thread: How long till Mego finishes ST Crew?

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    McCoy maybe, but TWOK Scotty looks so little like TOS Scotty that it would look really incongruous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DC_Guy View Post
    McCoy maybe, but TWOK Scotty looks so little like TOS Scotty that it would look really incongruous.
    I know. I was thinking they could just include a TOS head so those that don't have TOS Scotty/McCoy could at least have the head to use on another body and finish out their TOS crew. That way they don't have to make a figure they don't think will sell well
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    I sure hope they make old mustache Scotty. Best part of the movies!

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    Hi! New guy here.

    At the moment, I find myself jumping into the new Mego with both feet. I've already purchased or have on order most of the Star Trek offerings available.

    Like most people seem to want, I also hope for the completion of the TOS core cast. We need Scotty and Bones! Personally, I'd rather see McCoy in the regular uniform.

    Beyond that, I think the figures I'd most like to see are Janice Rand and Kang. I actually prefer Kor in the show, but it's a narrow thing, and I feel that Kang would make a better figure.

    Moving further to true pie in the sky wishes, I'd suggest the Romulan Commander from Enterprise Incident. Did she ever get a figure even under Playmates? The other one I'd like to see is a TMP Admiral Kirk. I like the TMP admiral uniform. I think it would look pretty good in Mego figure form.

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    Recurring Crew of Enterprise on TOS

    Imdb lists most recurring roles (credited):

    Leonard Nimoy Leonard Nimoy ... Mr. Spock / ... 80 episodes, 1966-1969
    William Shatner William Shatner ... Capt. Kirk / ... 79 episodes, 1966-1969
    DeForest Kelley DeForest Kelley ... Dr. McCoy / ... 76 episodes, 1966-1969
    Nichelle Nichols Nichelle Nichols ... Uhura / ... 70 episodes, 1966-1969
    James Doohan James Doohan ... Scott / ... 66 episodes, 1966-1969
    Eddie Paskey Eddie Paskey ... Lt. Leslie / ... 60 episodes, 1966-1968
    George Takei George Takei ... Sulu / ... 52 episodes, 1966-1969
    Walter Koenig Walter Koenig ... Chekov 36 episodes, 1967-1969
    Majel Barrett Majel Barrett ... Nurse Chapel / ... 36 episodes, 1966-1969

    Non principals from Memory Alpha listed alphabetically by character last name:

    Lt. Berkeley (Larry Anthony) 2 episodes
    Lt. Brent (Frank DaVinci) 4 episodes
    Lt, DePaul (Sean Kenney) 2 episodes
    Lt. DeSAlle (Michael Barrier) 3 episodes
    Lt. John Farrell (Jim Goodwin) 3 episodes
    Lt. Freeman (Paul Baxley) 3 episodes +archive footage in 1 DS9 episode + 8 episodes as different characters
    Lt. Galloway (David L Ross) 8 episodes plus 1 episode DS9
    Lt. Hadley (William Blackburn) 63 EPISODES
    Lt Hansen (Hagan Beggs) 2 episodes
    Lt. Harrison (Ron Veto) 29 EPISODES
    Lt. Kelowitz (Grant Woods) 4 episodes
    Ensign Roger Lemli (Roger Holloway) 33 EPISODES plus 1 DS9
    Lt. Leslie (Eddie Paskey) 57 EPISODES plus 1 DS9
    Lt. Kyle (John Winston) 11 episodes + WoK as Commander
    Dr. M'Benga (Booker Bradshaw) 2 episodes
    Crewman Angela Martine (Barbara Baldavin) 2 episodes
    Lt. Montgomery (Jerry Catron) 2 episodes
    Crewman Moody (William Knight) 2 episodes
    Lt. O'Neil (Seam Morgan) 2 episodes as O'Neil and 5 episodes as other crew members
    Lt. Osbourne (unknown actor) 3 episodes
    Lt. Palmer (Elizabeth Rogers) 2 episodes
    Yeoman Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney) 8 episodes + 3 films
    Lt. Kevin Riley (Bruce Hyde) 2 episodes
    Officer Swensen (John Blower) 2 episodes
    Crewman Vinci (Frank da Vinci) 18 episodes
    security guard (Richrd Geary) 3 episodes
    crewman 1 (John Staible) 2 movies
    yeoman 1 (Jeannie Malone) 10 episodes <--- tis is coffee girl

    NOTE: I have counted The Cage, Menagerie footage used in the cage part one and 2 as 1 episode
    There were other uncredited actor who played multiple bit parts.

    While 2 or 3 episodes is not really much of a recurring role, some of these characters have a large role in the episodes.
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