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Thread: Where are you getting your TWOK Megos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VulcanFanatic View Post
    Really, a Spock? Spock isn't in the current Assortment at Walmart unless they started a new assortment now.[/QUOT

    Joel Rosenzwieg mentioned recently that Spock was added to the replenishment waves at Wal-Mart.
    Glad to hear that but I was at my local Walmart a few days ago and watched an associate unpack a replenishment wave box and place them on the peg but there was no Spocks, only Khan and Kirk, monsters and LOTR figures.

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    Hello everyone!

    I sell the new Mego figures at $15 apiece plus exact shipping. Also ship worldwide. Absolutely Retro/FrankWojo on FB. Have numerous references if needed. Have some Wave 7 left and gearing up for Wave 8!

    Absolutely Retro

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    I can vouch for Frank. top notch and well packaged

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    I too can chime in with a great experience with Frank. Expert and fast packing and shipping!

    Also, should you find yourself in Athens, Georgia, Bizarro Wuxtry at 197 E. Clayton Street carries Mego and should have the ST:WoK series in stock (though mail order from them might be tricky, as they gererally aren't set up for it). If you're headed there you can give a call to (706) 353-7938 and check stock, or perhaps hit them up on the ole BookFace:

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    Hi all!

    The assortments with Spock are now hitting Walmart, as I found him at the West Sacramento Walmart yesterday. They also had Kirk and Khan, but as I'd found they both before Christmas, I left them behind, along with a second Spock.

    Like the others, he's a great looking figure, though I do wish they offered a regular right hand that could be swapped with the saluting hand. If I was a kid trying to play with these, that saluting hand would be worthless to me. I worry that this hand has become the default go-to for every Spock figure from now on, since they've used it on the dress uniform Spock, the ThinkGeek Spock, and now the Wrath of Khan Spock. Or am I the only one who's bothered by this...?


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    I don't like Spock figures with the Vulcan salute hand. It was no problem to give him a new pair of hands from one of my custom fodder figures.

    The regular blue shirt Spock, with and without the Tribbles, has two normal hands.
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    Late to the topic, granted, but I got mine from Wal-Mart.

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