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Thread: Godzilla Monsterverse: why not buy Gamera rights???

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    Godzilla Monsterverse: why not buy Gamera rights???

    Getting ready for the nephew to come over this weekend, this means setting up the dinosaurs (Jurassic Park), dragons (Dragon Riders) and sea creatures gets me thinking, why haven't Toho bought up the rights to Gamera by now. I would love to see these two monster movies joined together along with King Kong. The idea of the amount of toys that could come out would be crazy along with some great movies.

    Just some random thoughts going through my head....

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    Well back in the day it never happened because Daiei would have never let Gamera go, he was their cash cow. And Toho didn't really like Gamera back then.

    These days Kadokawa Daiei is such a big company that although they haven't done much with Gamera in the past few years, they would probably want too much money for him to do anything and Toho are notoriously shrewd.

    Both are two of the biggest film companies in Japan, so it would be like WB and Disney sharing characters. It has happened, it could happen, but it's not particularly likely to happen.

    And of course, the kaiju market is not as big as it once was. If this were to happen, I think it would have likely happened in the Heisei era, when both companies were active will all kinds of kaiju movies. But both Godzilla and Gamera were very profitable at the time, so neither company was going to sell to the other.

    I know both companies have at least spitballed the idea before, but nothing serious.

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    What about Yongari?? Or Reptilicus? Or Gorgo?
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    Why bother? Godzilla would just make turtle soup out of him.

    Instead, how about a remake of War of the Gargantuas, my favorite non Godzilla movie.

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