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Thread: Clear-coating factory produced heads?

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    Clear-coating factory produced heads?

    Does anybody know what kind of clear paint will cure properly on Mego style heads? I have been having bad luck with painting the new Mego stuff. I've painted a couple of things that have stayed sticky. I painted a Jimi guitar and the paint won't cure, and it keeps getting stickier with time. The head isn't exactly like a Mego figures head, because it's not hollow. So it's probably more like the arms and legs of the Mego figures. I'm trying to paint a Ron Burgundy figure and need to clear-coat the head to seal the paint that I'm adding to his hair. I need to keep the skin color, and the mouth paint job. Otherwise, I'd just prime it with grey. So, does anybody know what, except for a 2k style automotive gloss, I'd be able to clear paint it with? Anchorman, Battle ready Ron! Getting a new hair do...

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    have you tried mod podge? its basically one step above white glue. fairly non reactive.

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    I need something to spray in coats. I paint, let dry, and seal (with spray clear). I repeat that process to get big areas done, and then start doing the fine details. Brushing on glue will not work for me. I'd make a mess of garbage trying. I can paint really well, if I can do it the way I'm used to.

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    Did you try Dullcote?… I've used it in similar ways as you describe without the destructive qualities of most lacquers (on vinyl, plastic and resins). Yes it can damage acrylics but if used properly doesn't, and it's quite forgiving of haste.

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    I used a clear gloss spraypaint from Ace Hardware recently that cured just fine on both head and body.

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    I have to try Dullcote. It seems like it might work.

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    Researching the Testors, I found out that what I already use might work. Maybe it's just the colored paints that don't adhere properly. I'll do some testing and see what I come up with. Thanks for the help!

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    Is your Testors acrylic or enamel? Enamel stays tacky on some plastics.
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    I don't have any Testors. I was going to get some, but researched online, and found what I already have is great. I painted it over the sticky black paint on Jimi's guitar, and now it isn't sticky at all. That's kinda nice. So, I guess I should have just tested my clear, and not started this thread.

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    Naptha will sometimes take the tackiness out of cured paint without damaging it.

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