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Thread: Amsco Style Icarus v1. 1 to 18 scale

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    Amsco Style Icarus v1. 1 to 18 scale

    Playing with a printout of the amsco Icarus and had an idea to mount it to some thin sheets of soft plastic I had. I used to flat areas of kitty litter jugs.
    Needs some work and I need to figure out how to scale it up for 8 inchers.

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    Good Luck. It looks like it will be awesome. Good start.

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    Yea i did the printout to make sure I got things the right shape. For the larger scale I may just try to do an outline and cut out that. I don't need the brushed metal look specifically.

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    Next step to work on the size and pattern of the Icarus.

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