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Thread: 1st Print Batman Villains

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    Bat 1st Print Batman Villains

    Well I know it might be a long shot but, I'm looking for the (1st prints) museum cards for,

    #5 Joker
    $21 Penguin
    #28 Riddler

    I only have a few cards left for trade, but I will also gladly offer to pay for shipping.

    I refuse to pay $25.00 for a Joker card on eBay, or pay $7.00 plus $18.00 shipping
    from the U.K.

    I know these cards can be hard to find/get, but I appreciate any help and thanks either way.

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    I didn't know there was a difference between different printings of cards not including the first few's backs

    What's the differences in the cards you listed ?
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    To answer your question:

    I have the 1st and 2nd prints on cards # 1, 2, 3 and 5 only, and I can tell you what the differences are on mine.

    The 1st prints are all dated 2005, while the 2nd prints are a later date-- 2013 or 2015, I believe. Also, the backs are totally different in terms of the images, the text, etc.

    I have only seen the 2nd prints on these 3 cards, but there are 2nd prints on about 7 or 8 others, all Batman related ones.


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    People pay money for these? Really?

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    Good Evening

    These are the reprinted cards in 2013

    5 Joker
    9 Batman
    11 Catwoman
    16 Robin
    21 Riddler
    22 Batgirl
    28 Penguin
    36 Bruce Wayne
    37 Dick Grayson



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    Quote Originally Posted by Megotastrophe View Post
    People pay money for these? Really?
    I don't know, but people are selling them on eBay and for ridiculous prices, it's funny since most cards have that fine print
    that says " only jerks sell these" so are the people selling these, trying to tell us something about themselves? maybe they think these cards are as valuable as some sports cards, if so then there sniffing some very strong glue.

    What's next, graded museum cards, so they can double the eBay prices?

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