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Thread: Massive Mego/Remego Blowout Sale

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    FS Massive Mego/Remego Blowout Sale

    Ok this is a lot of stuff so it will be posted in sections. Questions asked will be answered as quickly as possible. Additional pictures on request. I will listen to any offer and will combine shipping and hope you see something you can't live without.
    First is this T1 Superman nylon shorts. Outfit is nice and clean...small run left shoulder in the back. Light Fray to edge of cape. Vintage boots and head and repro Large S sticker from one of the blow molded bootleg figures. I got him maybe 15 years ago from Brian Heiler... 20 dollars. 8 dollars shipping Conus...15 Canada and 20 UK.
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    8 Big Bang Theory figures. 40 dollars. 15 dollars shipping Conus...20 Canada...25 uk.


    Gone...will delete after they are received.
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    All 6 CTVT Western Heroes 35.00. These are complete but were bought in this condition with the box tops ripped off. Figures never removed and look great. 35 dollars with 15 shipping Conus...20 Canada and 30 UK
    Attachment 25940
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    CTVT Red Hair Dracula and Blue Hair Frankenstein MOC. 25 Dollars for the set. 10 dollars Conus, 15 Canada, 20 UK
    Attachment 25943
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    Flattworld Dracula 35 dollars. Unplayed with. Complete with accessories. Excellent figure box flap has significant bowing that could be steamed out. Shipping is 15, 20, and 25
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    More coming. Having some picture loading issues.

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    Emce toys Phantom of the Opera unopened mint figure. Clamshell has shelf wear from TRU. 20 dollars and shipping is 15, 20, and 25.

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    Mattel Real Ghostbuster Janine and Samhain 2 pack from TRU. 15 dollars with shipping of 10 15 and 20

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    FTC blowout. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl 2 pack...Aquaman and Aqualad 2 pack ...Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon 2 pack and Carded Speedy and loose Kid Flash with home made vinyl lightning bolt all together 45 dollars with shipping of 20 ..25..and 30 dollars

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    CTVT Pirates. All 4 pirates including the hard to find Blackbeard 50 dollars. Shipping is 15 20 and 25

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