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    AJ Action Jackson Formula Racer

    Sogimez Italian blowmolded race car seems to be a near identical version of the Mego F1 race car. I can't say for certain that one copied the other but the details that aren't quite right to real F1 cars of the era ...approx 1970 they both got wrong the same way. Also I can't say who copied whom. Sogimez made other era F1 race cars in a similar size. Mego just made the one F1 car.
    Anyway a good razor knife gets you about 75 to 85 percent there.
    Cut away the panel that encloses the seating area. Cut small at first and shave it out. You can remove more later but you can't easily add it back. Test fit with a handy Mego figure.

    Just so you can see how much like the AJ car this is...

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    Had to get the branding going on...

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