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Thread: Daredevil TV Series...

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    Daredevil TV Series...

    Anyone have any indication that Hulu is definitely picking up the series? I finally finished season 3 today and any streaming/TV or whatever service would be complete idiots in NOT picking up this series. Donofrio should win an Emmy for his portrayal of Kingpin/Wilson Fisk. I haven't watched any of the other Netflix series and after finishing this series I don't think I want to watch any of the other series. Probably the BEST comic book show I've ever seen on TV. I can say for sure that I won't ever watch the Defenders series cause that aint my Defenders...and I heard the Iron Fist series was just God awful. Have no idea who Jessica Jones is...and never cared for Luck Cage. I think the only other Netflix series I may have to watch is the Punisher series. He seemed to be true to form in the Daredevil season 2 episodes he was in.
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    Is it totally off Netflix? All the seasons? They might have streaming rights for a few years. Then I would think Disney'd farm it out to Hulu.
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    netflix retains the rights to their shows forever, they just likely won't be making any new ones.
    the punisher is loads of fun if you like over the top violence. I do, so I liked it, but it wasn't perfect. (what is?)
    you're right about iron fist, it was a total sh%$show. the second season was supposedly better but anything would be better than that 1st season turd.
    luke cage was ok, a bit slow and dragged out imo.
    jessica jones was good, esp the 1st season. very dark and disturbing with a great villain played by david tennant. again, imo the 1st season is the best one but I enjoyed all 3.
    I hoped for more from the defenders... it was ok, kind of lackluster if you ask me.

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    On one hand I would love to see daredevil continue but on the other I bet Karen Page would have been murdered by bullseye if there were to be a season 4,so I'll take it on how it ended. I'm not optimistic that they return to another network or guest in the movies.

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    DD was the best of the Netflix shows. Punisher was also really well done. I only watched S1 of JJ and it was really good but I also don't really know the character so did not bother with the other seasons. I only made it halfway through Cage, it was boring and I did not care for the modern Blaxploitation aspect of it

    Defenders sucked. I heard Iron Fist was awful so did not watch any of it

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    One thing is for sure this version of Daredevil is no more and not coming back.
    It wasn't a bad ride in my opinion, it was too slow paced and the 2003 movie was far too fast paced it essentially was a trilogy in one film.

    One day a happy medium will be found in film or series. Really we should have gotten a Frank Miller inspired Daredevil film after Batman 1989. It could have been really dark and atmospheric.

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    My favorite of them all was Jessica Jones season one...brilliant writing, brilliant villain (Killgrave), plus she’s hot, lol. Season two was average. Season three was decent.

    Then Punisher season one, friggin awesome. Season two was hugely disappointing...nothing but Jigsaw whining and whining about his stupid nothing tiny scars, annoying and obnoxious.

    Daredevil had Kingpin, D’Onofrio was brilliant, as good as Tennant. But Murdock’s character was too much of a Debbie downer...and Foggy gets on my bloody nerves.

    Luke Cage was okay.

    Iron Fist was bad.

    The Defenders was hugely disappointing.
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